Audi A6 is a favorable coincidence of circumstances. This is when design meets efficiency. When innovation and precision go hand-in-hand. When form and function become a fusion. Progress is not just felt. It is experienced. You won’t have to announce your presence when you arrive. The Audi A6 will do it for you. Not only will the A6 speak for you, it has great things to say about your sense of style.

Parts & Accessories for Audi A6

For styling, there’s the atypical sleek bow shape of an Audi: no frills, just elegant and refined. The design choice is that of the new A7 Sportback. Not only will the A6 be receiving the A7’s design, but it is also built on a conventional steel chassis that uses numerous aluminum parts to keep the overall weight down.

From custom fiber splitters to its alluring candy blue color – the progressive nature A6 exterior’s gives a great impression at first sight. Its other features are: RS6 front nose conversion and rear diffuser, custom full metal wide body, and trunk lid, custom LED demon red daytime running light and fogs.

Audi has a reputation for crafting the best interiors in the business, and the 2012 Audi A6 is no exception. Reviewers say about such A6 features as a beautifully crafted interior design that uses premium soft-touch materials and standard leather-trimmed seating.

Walnut wood inlays and Bang & Olufsen speaker covers that are borderline works of art. The cabin is quiet – even at speeds of more than 100 mph, the interior seems like a sound-proof chamber.

The Audi dynamic suspension in the new A6 uses a technology which has already proven its sporting qualities under the most demanding and challenging conditions. That beast is provided with AirLift suspension and AirLift autopilot V2 management.

This sophisticated system ensures an even more refined synthesis of sporting behavior and supreme suspension comfort. Adaptive air suspension provides extra ground clearance at low speeds as an important advantage on rough terrain.

Either way, you’ll experience a powerful, exhilarating ride. With those wheels: Vossen forged Precision Series VPS-318S, 20×11.5 Squared.

This is decisive versatility. Exceptional comfort, a sense of freedom and the ability of advanced digital technology, combined in the form of an attractive athlete. The only opportunity to feel it is to try it.