2013 Mercedes Benz CLS 550

In the childhood, every single boy dreams of a good car and wealthy life. When he becomes elder, he begins to make diversifications between different car models. And from this exact moment, he wants not an undefined “good car” but a Mercedes. And because of that, you surely have to point your attention to this car.

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The gorgeous white color of this Mercedes shows that not everyone is able to drive this car. Perfect forms, engine, and outlook make that car almost a piece of art. This mid-size luxury 4-door sedan will make driving a pleasure for you. Mercedes Benz CLS 550 is one of the CLS-class cars and because of this fact it is equipped by all of its latest safety features: in addition to front airbags, there are side-impact airbags in the front seats and side curtain airbags throughout. Ask anyone “What is the best Mercedes Benz car?” and you for sure will get an answer “CLS 550”.

But even all these features of the CLS-550 are not the main object of our attention because here we have not a regular model of cars, but modified by our talented car engineers. So, pay your attention to the rims of that CLS-550. How fabulous they are!!! At the first moment, their style may remind some elfish patterns from the Lord of the Rings. Metal color makes them shine bright like a diamonds that`s why during the driving you definitely will attract the attention of some pedestrians. So, this car is lowered on AC Forged 313 according to all necessary technical standards to ensure safety and comfortable driving.

  • 20″ AC Forged 313 Brush face chrome lip wheels
  • wheel and tire set up is 20×9 & 20×11 wrapped with 255-30-20 & 295-25-20 Pirelli Tires
  • Lowered with Adjustable links