The 2014 Infiniti-Q50 was originally built to take the place of Infiniti G37 Sedan. However, changing market circumstances have motivated Infiniti to continue the production of G37 Sedan for another couple of years as a low-priced entry-level model. This particular model proved to be very good for a stance. A good example is the stance project of this car enthusiast.

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Kyle Gall took the 2014 Infiniti-q50 to another level. He gave a new life to this car. For suspension, he used 5-gallon tank, D2 Air-Struts, and D2 Air Management System. He redesigned the interior with Spare Tire Well, Air Management, and customized Alligator Skin-Trunk setup. For the exterior of this auto, he implemented Carbon Fiber Eye Lids, 3M Covered Black Roof, and 3M Covered Black Mirrors.

Kyle Gall was asked a few questions about his particular newly modified car. His answers explain what were the reasons behind Kyle ‘s motive to rebuild his auto.

Why did you select this car?

“Actually, after attending local meets in Charlotte region, I saw lots of EVOs, STIs, G37s, 3 series, etc. therefore I planned to show a discrepancy. Still, I have to view a local customized Q50. “

What did you plan to achieve by modifying this auto?

“My key purpose was to create a car which no one had. “

Infiniti Q50 lowered on Vossen VFS2

Have you got an important anecdote behind the build or car?

“It was the 1st car I’ve purchased completely by myself. I was 19,and I did it without anybody’s help. Hence this auto reminds me of how much I’ve achieved in life already. “

Vossen VFS2 20"

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What are the upcoming plans for this car?

“My plans and intends are to put a lot of attractive carbon fiber pieces in the future, and who knows, maybe I’ll place Stillen supercharger on it soon. “

Is there something you might have done in a different way if it was possible for you to go back?

“I might, of course, select a wheel which possessed a deep dish. In fact, I can still do it in the future”.

On the final note, we would be able to come up with a better idea for the Infiniti-Q50 stance, and we hadn’t come across any other examples that would be better-looking.


  • Vossen VFS2 ( Front – 20 x 9 + 38 offset; Rear- 20 x 10 + 45 offset)