This Maserati Ghibli simply takes Italian Marque straight into new territory that you may call, in case you dared, the ‘mainstream’ deluxe.

2014 Maserati Ghibli Q4

After decades of serving GTs and prestigious limos up, Maserati’s rebirth of Ghibli nameplate delivers a more lightweight 4-door sedan which will give purchasers in the E-Class Mercedes-Benz segment pause for thoughts.

22″ Gianelle Lucca matte black wheels

wheel and tire set up is 22×9 & 22×10.5 wrapped with 245-30-22 & 295-25-22 Pirelli Tires

The “Maserati Ghibli” is a specific thing, which is quite dissimilar to the particular brand with Trident badge. There is even a “diesel engine” powering the unit that begins at an unrivaled point for the Maser: beneath 140,000$. The Italian enterprise believes that Ghibli is an even more natural competitor for sexier variations of Audi A6, BMW E-Class, and 5 Series, meaning the A-7 Sportback, CLS, and 6 Series Gran Coupe.

This Maserati Ghibli is profoundly lowered on 22-inches Gianelle Lucca matte-black wheels. Such wheels are quite robust to endure any hazard while your drive in the city.