As expected, the 2018 or 2019 model will be displayed as follows: the next Mustang GT500 Mustang will receive a 7.0L V8 version with supercharged, according to Ford Performance sources.

“The new version of the Ford 7.0L V8 will be built in Canada, and short box units will be shipped to the FPTC (Ford Performance Center) in Concord to add” fast “parts,” claims Ford insider at the recent Chicago Motor Show in 2017.

The Ford Performance Technical Center is located in Concord, North Carolina, and is a growing component for various Performance Ford programs, including NASCAR.

NASCAR currently monitors the N / A 358ci engine at its Monster Energy Cup, and they have a potential of almost 1,000 horsepower without participants in power amplifiers. Perhaps this facility in Concord, North Carolina, is a suitable place to complete the new 7.0L V8 2018 Ford Mustang GT500 manual engine.

Ford, first of all Ford EcoBoost V6

For Ford, this is a win-win option. Super Duty trucks will receive 7.0L V8 to replace the aging engine of the 6.8L V10, and then Ford will use the same short block and wrought-iron rotary assembly as the basis for the new GT500 power plant. I cannot say more, but I know that this V8 will have direct injection, as well as some high-precision heads and the top of the suction.

Our source: “I could continue and continue to liberalize the use of carbon composite materials, active aero, aluminum and a new 10-speed gearbox, but it’s best that we do not divulge too much. Just know that you will see this car debut earlier than you think.

Editor’s note: We were able to confirm via Automotive News that Ford actually worked at the V8 7.0L power plant at its Windsor plant.

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