Aj Vanek is the owner of this really awesome 1990 Nissan 300zx that never goes unheeded. Unusual color and modified look will not leave indifferent even those who do not understand anything in cars.

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This car has value for the owner since it became his first car when he was 17 years old. The owner saved for two years in order to put it on coil overs and Varrstoens. Later he bought Wald Duchatelets and made a car purple. The last thing the owner did was install the air ride. Let’s go into more detail about what happened in the final result.

The choice of the owner fell on strong and at the same time light Work VS-SS built by VR Wheels. The front: 18×10.5 +10. The rear: 18×11.5 +10.

Suspension: Airdynamik Struts are installed. x2 444c Airlift Compressors is durable of 200 feet per square inch capacity is mounted. It is made in the USA, thanks to the chrome finish, a unique style is created.

This is an excellent choice of Airlift 3P Management, since this system takes up less space and requires less drilling. The owner used Powertrix Rear Camber Arms, which allows to maximally adjust the camber of this car. Rear Toe Arms are from the Powertrix too.

In addition to technical characteristics, an equally important role is played by the exterior of the car. Whatever one may say, the color of this car is a key highlight, as this is the first thing that catches your eye, especially for those who do not understand anything in cars.

This color just automatically grabs attention. Oracle purple violet metallic vinyl wrap is used and this is undoubtedly a good choice! The color of the car has given not only light aggressiveness but also dynamism.

The owner used the 5% tinting is used and 35% tinting of the windshield. 04-07 STi Rear Diffuser is mounted, which is protected by an ultraviolet coating, which allows keeping the gloss finish. An integral part, of course, is the fog lamps, which are especially useful in adverse weather conditions and as additional lighting. The clear corner and fog light are here. The shape of the fog lamps visually increases the width of the car and creates an impression of the reliability and stability of the car.

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