Mazda Miata was earlier displayed in the Tokyo Auto Salon in 2015, and you could also enjoy its brilliant look at AIMGAIN International. In our humble opinion, Miata is an absolute queen of roadsters.

Parts & Accessories for Mazda Miata

If you like the smooth charm typical of Mazda, this girl will also steal your heart. The full kit includes the side skirts, front lip, rear diffuser, front and rear overfenders, as well as this neet duckbill spoiler.

In comparison with OEM ones, the Front fenders of this model sit 40mm wider, whereas the rears are 60mm wide in total.

Naturally, wider fenders presume wider tires and wheels. AIMGAIN have presented their wheels of choice – the Work Meister M1 3 Piece wheels, that are 16×9 -29 in the front and 16×9 -57 offset in the rear.

The ultimate detail that totally puts this Miata into effect is an absolutely gorgeous spoiler.

We fell in love with Mazda Miata at the first sight.

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