Unlike in the past, today’s marketplace is overloaded with replicas. Motoring enthusiasts expect the highest quality from their cars, and it is absolutely natural that you want the same for your automobile. Audi S4 is one of the most stunning cars out there. Its fabulous appearance will melt your mind easily because Audi S4 lowered on factory-made OEM wheels looks stunning.

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Audi S4 OEM Wheels

The O.E.M. wheels usually fit a lot more cars than you may expect. Having analyzed comprehensive fitment information, namely, hub bore, wheel offset, bolt pattern and wheel size (otherwise marked as “center bore”), the O.E.M. wheel professionals can determine what cars would be able to install each particular O.E.M. wheel. The years of extensive experience combined with a broad database of fitment measurements ensure the validity of such conclusions.

Картинки по запросу Audi S4 with custom wheels

As an illustration, Audi wheels are often installed on the Volkswagens. Numerous Toyota and Lexus wheels are compatible with this car as well. Such automobiles have an appearance which is impossible to get through any car dealership. They also have the quality guarantee and an immense durability thanks to the O.E.M. factory wheels. Likewise, the wheels can be completed in numerous types of custom finishes, for example, powder coat, chrome or the P.V.D (which refers to “Physical Vapor Deposition”).

  • Size: – 18×7.5 O.E. Diameter
  • Offset: – 50mm

Audi S4 Aftermarket Wheels

Картинки по запросу Audi S4 Aftermarket Wheels

There is a significant difference between the aftermarket wheels and factory wheels. Based on the look, performance, durability, and some other important factors, drivers chose them with extra attention. Let’s discuss a few important things about factory and aftermarket wheels.

1. Aftermarket Wheels:

Most of the wheels that are mounted on cars by users are aftermarket wheels, which means that they weren’t manufactured by original automobile maker, neither were they constructed specifically for that car by the other vehicle maker.

The Audi s4 aftermarket wheels are typically manufactured from aluminum, either cast or forged. The lightweight aluminum is frequently built as an alloy combined with some other materials such as magnesium, or perhaps another non-ferrous material, which is durable enough to reinforce the aluminum. On the other hand, the choice between aluminum or the aluminum compounds during the manufacturing process depends on the producer of the aftermarket wheels.

2. Factory Wheels:

A factory wheel is referred to as an O.E.M. wheel or a stock rim. We are talking about refurbished stock rims intended for Audi S4. The reconditioned stock or factory wheels and Audi s4 rims are usually examined and even spin tested to measure their overall balance. On the other hand, reconditioned stock wheels are refinished to original O.E.M paint codes, and they look exactly the same as O.E.M wheels for Audi S4.

Parameters Of Custom Wheels For Audi S4

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The appropriate set of wheels intended for Audi S4 can really transform the way the vehicle performs and looks. You should learn about the parameters of Audi s4 custom wheels before making a final choice. This info will help you to a great extent.

You can purchase custom wheels designed for Audi S4 as they have a similar diameter, rim size and offset as the factory ones. Alternatively, you can opt for a couple of aftermarket wheels that are wider, bigger, and with a much smaller offset to get a truly customized look. In most cases, you will be able to substitute factory Audi-S4 wheels or even go for a larger rim size without having too much trouble.

  • Size: – 18×8.0 – 20×10
  • Offset: from 20 to 41

Popular Brands

MRR WHEELS: Buy on Amazon

MRR wheels offer an amazing array of rims to match individual lifestyles. The MRR continues to sell O.E.M. brands wheels all around the globe and it is currently offering a cutting-edge designs of the aftermarket wheels, including 18″ 19″ 20″ 22″ inch wheels.


Картинки по запросу WHEEL REPLICAS

Wheel-Replicas is the top-notch manufacture of O.E.M. style wheels intended for Audi, Camaro, Corvette, and Mustang. It is incredible how this particular company can manufacture such premium wheels at an affordable price.


Картинки по запросу TRAK LITE WHEELS:

TRAKLite rims surpass stringent OEM factory specs and have a thorough quality control system. All the rims are analyzed to meet the industry specifications and standards.

How to Choose Custom Wheels for Audi S4

With a great number of drivers on the streets nowadays, everybody is searching for ways to make their car stand out and look different from anyone else’s. Whether you have just purchased your luxurious car, or have already been riding on it for a while, it is a natural desire to customize it and show the world that this very car is “your own.”

Even if you already have the most productive engine, high-efficiency transmission, amazing brakes, all known interior and exterior mods, your drive might still look imperfect. No matter if you have a road-race monster or street cruiser; it will not be complete without a fresh pair of aftermarket wheels.

Purchasing Perfect Custom Wheels

An advanced market for the car parts has a large number of products accessible to a buyer. Aftermarket wheels portion is not different. Whenever it comes to purchasing a brand-new set of customized wheels, it can be a genuine challenge given a wide range of sizes and types. A huge selection of the size options, numerous finishes, rim styles, extremely popular and absolutely unknown wheel brands – you can easily get lost there.

Purchasing the proper wheels can be a difficult decision – you have to dig into all the complexities, know precisely what will match and what is not, and understand how to put it all together. To start with, make sure that you are aware of the essential terms, for instance, wheel size, forging, center bore, and backspacing, offset, bolt pattern and so on.

All those sizes should be taken into consideration whenever you are choosing customized wheels. You should know precisely how you prefer your wheels to appear and how much you are all set to spend on them. Very often, the essential details remain ignored. For this reason, it is crucial to talk to an attentive and experienced specialist first.

Last but not least, there are many things to consider before deciding on custom-fit Audi S4 OEM Wheels. We hope that this post was helpful and that now, you know what to look for. Have a great time and happy wheel hunting!

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