Audi S4 4.2 V8 is a car that flies as a boom on a motorway. It does not matter at what speed. The stabilizing force is very high. And thanks to the Airlift Performance Struts & Bags and Airlift Autopilot V2 Management, the car does not roll from side to side in rebuilding, it smoothly changes direction. Airlift Autopilot V2 Management is the most advanced air suspension control system based on a pressure in the market. No one gives you more options or an easier installation.

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In the process of braking, the S4 awesome follows the movement of the rudder and perfectly preserves the course stability when the individual wheels fall on a slippery surface. In many respects, it is the merit of an active steering system with an automatically correction of the course.

The big role for the car is played by the quality of wheels, and here the owner has not gone wrong with a choice too.

Wheels CV7 Monoblock (19 x 8.5 et 45) 235/35/29 from Vossen Wheels are perfect in everything. These are powerful and extremely reliable disks with high durability. They are made with the help of innovative casting technology. Their weight is optimal, the strength characteristics are excellent. At the same time, the CV7 features an original minimalist design without excessive pretentiousness. Seven very strong radial spokes with Silver Polished, perfectly match the appearance of the car, giving ease, swiftness and exclusivity.

Vossen Wheels guarantees the absolute safety of driving with disks CV7. The machine acquires excellent handling, improved aerodynamics, stability and resilience.

Describe the interior of Audi s4 4.2 v8, is a difficult occupation because it is very hard to describe perfection. Do you agree? But we will still try. A noble black luster sparkles under the sun’s rays, and at night beautifully reflects the lights of oncoming traffic lights and street lamps.

The door claps with an expensive, thoroughbred sound. The plastic with which the interior is finished is magnificent, the leather salon welcomes every passenger cordially, and all the interior panels are fitted with minimal and perfectly even gaps.

It seems that the car is floating during the movement. The wind outlines its smooth forms and diverges before it. The light of the car’s headlights will cut even the darkest night.

It’s a good choice of style stance!

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