That feel when you make your own stance car is incomparable. Such project requests a lot of dedication and months of hard work. One of the most important moves in the whole process is the one in the beginning – choosing a right car. Of course, the list of good models is endless, but Japanese street racers have always been something special. One of many iconic models from 90’s that comes from the land of the rising sun is Nissan 240SX, better known as Silvia outside the U.S. market. This time, we will refer to the second-generation model, produced between 1994 and 1998. Light chassis, rear-wheel drive, and eye-catching look are some of its trumps. Still, the best thing about this car is stupendous tuning potential.

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Pretty much all Nissan’s engines from that era are just amazing. For example, 1000-hp Skylines became a common thing these days. Nissan 240SX’s famous 2.4-liter inline-four KA engine also offers a lot of potentials. Still, for gaining amazing numbers in terms of power, you will have to do various modifications.

We actually managed to find one hi-performance version in our neighborhood. This highly-modified 240SX features a max output of more than 320 horses (stock version had around 150). The owner of this amazing car gave us a brief description of what should be done to gain such power.

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The first step should be a full engine rebuild. This includes replacement of many parts, such as pistons, piston rings, gasket set, oil pumps, timing chains and much more. In this case, it was done by Hays Engineering. The next step would be a hi-performance injector. For this occasion, there is the Nismo’s famous 555cc injector. Stock injectors can’t provide enough fuel to such powerful engine, and this is a perfect match for this occasion.

Now, let’s talk about some turbo! A Ball Bearing GT28RS turbocharger is a perfect choice for smaller, inline-four engines. It can easily handle more than 350 horsepower, and it fits great to engines with a displacement of 2.2-2.4 liters. A turbocharger installation included HPI outlet pipes as well.

With such power boost, you need to consider a hi-performance manifold, which will help your valves to push exhaust gases much easier. Japspeed looks like an excellent choice since this company has been specialized for Japanese cars. A Blitz downpipe is also a vital part of this hi-performance exhaust system. It is placed between the header and catalytic converter and provides much better efficiency.

Of course, the owner did many other modifications, but we won’t talk about them this time.

Modification List:


Full rebuild by hays engineering
Nismo 555cc injector
GT28RS ball bearing turbo
Japspeed exhaust manifold
HPI elbow
blitz downpipe
japspeed decat pipe
japspeed catback exhaust
Front mount intercooler
blitz type rs dump valve
Nistune ecu mapped by FC-tuning 320hp @ 1,2b

Interior :

Greddy gauge set ( boost, oil pressure, oil temp, water temp, exhaust temp )
Greedy profec b2 boost controler
clipper alarm with turbo timer
bride low max seat
momo drifting steering wheel
sparco quick release

Exterior :

Ep racing front wing + 25mm
Ep racing rear fender +50mm
full Ep racing W9 style body kit
D-spec carbon bonnet
GT carbon wing spoiler
Home made front fender flare with carbon 4D covering
carbon 4D covering doors
carbon 4D covering boot
home made front light
Midnight Purple II paint

Wheels :

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9,5X18J -13 front wheel with 20mm spacer
11X18J -23 rear wheel