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There is one common thing between an over 300 horsepower BMW and your granddad’s old Buick. They both need good wheels to give you a smooth driving experience. If this not the first week that you own a car, choosing the wheels does not look like a rocket science to you. At first glance, the driver simply has to choose the matching bolt pattern, actually bolt the wheels and go.

However, this is a part of all the details that should be minded in order to get the car rolling. A few important things to remember are backspacing and offset because if they do not match, you might not be able to roll at all.

At the factory, the rig of your vehicle was carefully designed by the professionals to fit the wheels and ensure a decent clearance between the wheel, the tire, and the other exposed components. If you try to fit unmatching combination, you may have troubles driving your car. It is very important to pay attention to the backspacing and offset while getting your car ready for the road.

In order to make sure that the wheels and tires of the car fit the wheel well and that no car components rub against the fender or each other, you should remember about the offset and backspacing. These are the crucial measurements that determine the wheel position, so you need to be aware of both every time you want to install aftermarket wheels.

Offset & Backspacing Calculator


Wheel Offset

The offset can be described as a space between the mounting surface of the wheel and the centerline. The offset is important for the position of the wheel as it ensures its free rotation and ideally, prevents the wheel from unnecessary rubbing against the brakes or the fender.

The offset is measured in millimeters. It can be zero, positive, or negative.

When the wheel offset is zero, the mounting surface of the wheel is in line with the centerline. When the offset is positive, the mounting surface is situated closer to the face of the wheel and goes beyond the centerline. Likewise, when the offset is negative, the mounting surface is placed near the back of the wheel. It is important to remember that the offset is specific for every car. You can find the offset data of the wheel. Most wheels have their correct offset data imprinted on a spoke or on the mounting surface.


Wheel Backspacing

Backspacing is the distance between the inboard flange of the wheel and the mounting face. Simply put, backspacing measures how far in or out the new wheels will sit. Similarly to offset, the proper backspacing of the wheel depends on the design and the size of the car.

If the backspacing is correct, it will ensure that the brake, suspension, and steering systems operate properly and that they do not interfere with the wheel. Usually, the backspace is measured in inches.

There is the connection between backspacing and offset as the positive offset increases backspace, while the negative offset reduces it.


Wheel Offset to Backspace Calculator

The wheel position is influenced by the offset and backspace, and finding out the correct measurements for your car is the first step to installing the right wheels and rocking the road.

After you have found the most suitable set of rims, you may sometimes notice that it has the “offset” number rather than the “backspace”. This figure can be easily converted from one to the other with the help of the wheel offset to backspace calculator. Similarly, it is possible to convert the backspacing to offset.

The wheel offset to backspace calculator makes you more independent in maintaining your own car. With the help of this calculator, you will manage to easily determine what wheels match your car. The backspacing calculator also has the option to compare the wheels, as well as to compare the backspace and offset between the base wheel and the additional wheels.

The wheel backspacing calculator is a useful and practical online tool that can help you to make such important positioning measurements of the wheel/ tire arrangement inside the wheel well as the offset and the backspacing. With the support of this calculator, you will be able to make the best technical choices for your car.

Offset & Backspacing Calculator