The use of low profile tires is increasing on a daily basis; most car manufacturers install it as original equipment while it can be used as an upgrade for most cars. There are lots of questions raised on whether the tire is best for automobile or not. To some drivers, the tire offers the best performance, while others believe the tire is not durable, cheap and of low quality. To drivers who love to a have a beautiful look on their cars and like to push their cars to limit, they offer improved handling at the cost of the less comfortable ride. To average drivers, their advantages are harder to agree with.

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We decided to look into what low profile tires are, the advantages and disadvantages of using low profile tires, the difference between using regular tires and low profile tires.

What are low profile tires?

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Low profile tires are tires with a small sidewall. The details are usually found on the side of the tire. You will see on your tire the numbers divided by slash 225/55/17, where the digits “55” after the first slash mean your aspect ratio. The figures show the relation of the tire height to its width in percentage. The lesser the aspect ratio, the lower the profile of your tire.

Low profile tires are commonly used on sports cars and other performance cars to improve handling, performance and the look of the vehicles. By having a less sidewall, the tire is more stable and has better handling when cornering.  The low profile tires provide better grip on dry paved roads, and due to having larger rims and brakes, the car can stop more efficiently and faster. However, the ride can be rough and uncomfortable because the tire absorbs less shock from bumps. The tires can also be used in both high class and mid-class vehicles. Here are some advantages of using a low profile tire.

Advantages of low profile tire

  • Low profile tires allow larger better-looking alloys that provide more space for a large brake disk.
  • Low profile tires allow faster and better cornering grip and feel.
  • They offer car stability on the road
  • Low profile tires have a stiff sidewall for better crisp handling and greater cornering response.
  • They have larger and broader contact patches on the road.
  • Low profile tires offer better road traction and grip when it comes to steering and handling.
  • Low profile tires are visually It adds beauty to the look of the car.

Here are few disadvantages of low profile tires

Disadvantages of low profile tire

  • Low profile tires offer less comfort while driving.
  • Low profile tires can be very noisy.
  • Low profile tires have an impact on the tire steering
  • The ride can be stiff.
  • One can experience a sudden loss of grip when pushed beyond the limit.
  • Sometimes, the tire can quickly get damaged.
  • They can be very expensive depending on the type of tire.
  • They don’t not help the performance of a car.

Do low profile tires wear quickly?

Low profile tires can wear quickly depending on the flex in the tire. If there’s not enough flex in the tire, then the shock will vibrate through the rest of the tire. If probably you hit potholes and other debris on the road, it can cause damage to the inner structure of the tire thereby causing bulges and blowouts in the sidewall of the tire.

Low profile tires can easily pick debris and other sharp metals on the road that can cause the tire to get punctured easily. These occur due to the shallow tread depth which makes the tire vulnerable to danger. It also allows the nail to make it through faster causing the tire to get punctured quickly.

How to maintain a low profile tire

A regular check on the tire and maintain the right air pressure. Low profile tires should not be used in vehicles like SUVs, towing vehicles and other heavy vehicles. The heavy load on the tire can make the tire prone to damages and blowouts.

Low tires vs. Regular tires

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Whether to use a low profile tire or regular tire depends on what you want from your tires. Low profile tires have their typical advantages and disadvantages so as regular tires, though the major difference between regular tires and low profile tires is the difference between the performance and look.

Regular tires are tires with a more extensive sidewall. Regular tires are developed to provide improved driving experience. Here are some of the advantages of regular tires that make them enjoyable to use

  • Regular tires are often comfortable and quieter
  • They offer adequate performance for your vehicle
  • They are affordable to purchase and last for a very long time
  • Regular tires are designed to provide better traction and grip on the road.
  • Nails will have difficulty entering tires with the deep tread pattern.

Tires are defined by various vital parameters such as their width, height, rim diameter and other factors. All these factors are interconnected and if one of them changes, it affects the others. In determining the grip of the tire, tread pattern and softness play a huge role. Low profile tires are often found in medium and high-class vehicles; they also come as factory fitted original equipment. Installing larger diameter wheels on your car can hugely define the way you drive and the look of your car.

When it comes to tire construction, every tire has been designed for various usability, durability set, load index and speed index. Another factor you should consider when using a low profile tire is your driving habits and style.

Whether your car comes with a fitted low profile tire or you choose to install them on your vehicle, they can make your vehicle look nice and offer better performance. Always keep in mind that there are limits you should go for every car in other to get better performance. It is always important to do more research and ask professionals for their opinions on what is right for your car and the area you drive.

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