GENESIS COUPE on Concavo CW-S5 Matte Grey Machined Face.

We do not have enough words to say how much we love such a beautiful car from Hyundai. This automobile looks awesome. Its stunning blue color is what many drivers would want. We love this car madly. As you can see in the pictures,  Hyundai Genesis Coupe is looking amazing.

Will 20×9+20 wheels along with the 245/35 tires match the 2011-Hyundai Genesis-Coupe RWD Lowered on Adj-Coil Overs? Of course, they will! This particular 2011 Hyundai-Genesis Coupe-RWD is using Concavo-Wheels CWS5 20×9+20 wheels Conti N/A-245/35 tires along with Lowered Adj-Coil Overs suspension.

It is lowered on Concavo CW-S5 wheels that boost the beauty of this lovely car. The wheels are silver color, and without any doubt, they match the overall design of this car. You see from the pictures that this tire and wheel combination works out very well!

Additionally, remember that the spacers affect fitment. This particular ride is operating in rear and in front.

We’re still mad about this car. Would you like to take it for a long drive? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.