The Hyundai Sonata is one of the most innovative and technologically advanced cars on the market. They are at the top of the industry due to their stylish looks, classy features, and overall great driving experience. Sonata is a fully automated car, which offers great handling and high top speed.

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Apart from that, it ensures a great mileage and fuel economy and is great on city roads, as well as on the freeway. It also provides a 7-inch display screen, which serves as the main control panel of the car (controlling a lot of the essential functions such as radio, cooling system, etc.). The Sonata has been gracefully embedded with top-of-the-class leather.

The engine has been backed with a 163 hp, providing a great amount of torque and power to the user. The suspension of the Sonata can be ranked as being one of the best out there. Not only is it capable of withstanding numerous speed breakers and potholes, but also able to gracefully glide on roads that have been marred by the weather conditions such as rain, storm, or snow.

It is overall an extremely stylish and powerful car that will leave you satisfied with your experience overall.


Vossen VVS-CV3’s Matte Silver Machined
F: 20×10 / R: 20×10

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