Often, an amazing appearance doesn’t require making any major modifications to the surface of the car. A few adjustments to the exterior can be enough to highlight its dignity. This was exactly what the holder of Lexus GS300 from Petersburg had decided to do to his auto.

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grey Lexus SC300 Stanced on custom wheels

The 1st on the wish list was obviously a fresh aerodynamic body-kit with extensions. It seemed to be the place from which everything started. All the modifications on this distinctive design were carried out by the owner himself. The boot lid features a spoiler from the Carbon Pixels, and the perimeter of thresholds and front bumper are accessorized by splitters.

Also, we’d like to point out the color of the car. A Satin Dark Gray with the semi-matte texture suits its elegant impression flawlessly. The overall combo of finish, new wheels, and new body lines look awesome. The auto is enhanced by the new Inforged wheels in size 9.5/10.5×19, which are colored in unique Bronze Candy-Chrome color. The refined optics and body extensions have cardinally changed the look of this particular business class car and gave it a certain aggressiveness.

Inforged 19 wheels on Lexus stance

The current look has radically changed the whole impression of the car. Such Lexus GS300 Wide-Body from Petersburg undeniably will definitely catch the eye of absolutely everybody who’ll bump into it on the street.

slammed Lexus GS300 on 19 wheels

It’s hard to find the car that can beat the beauty and elegance of Lexus GS300. It has all the state-of-the-art features and even offers the excellent performance on the road. The owner is going to rock on the road.


  • Inforged Wheels 9.5/10.5×19 Bronze Candy Chrome finish. 

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