The Lexus GS is a luxury car sold by Toyota. The executive car is one of Lexus’s best sedans that successfully combine luxury and sportiness. Also, the company has produced four different generation of GS since 1993 to 2005, each available with V6 engines and rear-wheel drive. In V8 engines were manufactured in 2005 with all-wheel drive and hybrid versions.

The length of Lexus GS stretched to 4,879mm (192.1″), its width is 1,839mm (72.4″), and height 1,455mm (57.3″) The length of the wheelbase is 2,850mm (112.2″).

Lexus GS350 OEM Wheels

The Lexus GS in its Original Equipment (OE) has standard size/type 235/45R18 or – Optional 235/40R19, with Best Tire Brand(s) Bridgestone, Dunlop and Michelin. OEM wheels can vary, but the choice is not as extensive comparing with custom wheels and rims, which may be a good option for Lexus GS350 wheels.

Why car owners install Custom or Aftermarket wheels?

There are a lot of benefit custom wheel offer to cars. Are you looking to add style and personality to your car? The custom wheel can do the trick. The custom wheel can enhance the performance of your vehicle and make it more than just ordinary car.

Changing your factory wheels to a custom wheel offers a lot of benefits. Not only do they beautify the vehicle’s appearance and personality, but they also:

  • Improve the performance
  • Increase the commercial value
  • Offer a much smoother ride

There are a lot of ways to upgrade your car and ensure maximum performance and driving experience. Perhaps, one of the best ways is to equip your vehicle with a custom wheel for better performance and safety.

Considering the use and abuses tires and wheels undergo on a daily basis, upgrading to a higher grade will ensure better functionality, stronger grip and precision on the road compared to OEM wheels.

One of the benefits of a custom wheel is that their weight is usually lesser than the OEM. By reducing your wheel weight, thus reducing the total weight of the vehicle, you can be sure of better speed and braking performance. In other words, custom wheels improve steering response and manoeuvrability which can be significant during the short and long journey. It is a good thing that excessive weight can be reduced by using lighter wheels.

You can change to wider wheels using custom wheels in contrast to the factory wheel; wider wheels ensure better traction. In other words, your car has a better grip on the road while driving. These provides maximum safety especially when driving during bad weathers like heavy rainfall, fog or snow.

Customs wheels are much stronger and resistant to bending. They offer a better thermal conductivity. These improves braking performance as the construction of custom wheels is suitable for brakes cooling.

Another good point is the height of custom wheels, though this will not increase the grip on the road. However, it will still help your driving; higher wheel will lift your car, protecting the body from debris, stones and other hazards on the road.

Using custom Lexus GS rims is also a very good idea for the same reasons.

Customs wheels are designed to be more durable compared to OEM wheels, that is why Lexus GS custom wheels and rims are a good option. The material used is of better quality, and you get to pick from a variety of shapes, designs and colours, thus making your vehicle eye-catching and stylish. Wheel enhancement can change the overall look of your car and turn it to how people see you.

Parameters of Custom Wheels for Lexus GS

As earlier mentioned, Lexus GS uses 18 inches wheel but using custom wheels allows installing bigger or smaller size depending on your choice. Though the range of Lexus wheels is between 17-22 inches, 19 inch is another good option to use there are few wheels with 22/23 inch diameter, but not commonly used.

Another factor is the width of Lexus GS wheels, which is 8.5 inches, but customized ribs range from 6.5 to 9.5 inches. In the case of offset of the wheel, there are various options to pick from. Most factory wheels come with 45mm or 48mm, but you get to choose from 35mm to 53mm. Isn’t that great?

There are a lot of popular brands in the market that supply Lexus GS wheel and some notable names are OZ, BBS, Enkei Tuning, Motegi, KMC, Akuza, Pacer, Drifz, Helo, American Racing, Divinity, Klutch, Savini and so much more. They offer 17, 18 and 19-inch GS350 rims at reasonable prices. American Racing offers GS300 rims with innovative features sold at competitive market prices. Lexus GS350 rims manufactured with the highest quality possible. BBS rims and tires packages are designed to meet the demands of all buyers looking at rims for their GS350.

OZ provide most extensive range of custom wheels for GS350 followed by BBS and Enkei Tuning. One of the most popular product is the Motegi, Helo, and American Racing.

The most purchased product are Enkei Tuning, American Racing, Motegi Racing, KMC all with an average 4.5 customers star rating. OZ offers a reasonable price and a standard wheel. BBS has excellent construction and bolt pattern, different colours and stable aluminium alloy. Though expensive UP Wheels and Enkei offers some great product that will be perfect for your car.

How to Choose Custom Wheels for Lexus GS350

There is a variety of customs wheel to choose from at an affordable price. With different construction, colors, bolt patterns and aluminium. OZ offers a standard 18 and 19-inch custom wheel that will add some personality to your car. Some companies like KMC produce the 20-inch custom wheel.

Choosing O.Z HYPER GT HLT will provide your car with more pleasant steering control. Made from star graphite finish, with a lightweight of 20.0 lbs and a proper offset of 45mm this wheel will add personality and performance that you have always dreamed of having.

Installing a custom wheel does not change some specific functions of your car, it only adds to car performance and personality. You can pick from different brands available in the market and have the choice to pick whatever color you like. Do not be scared to add character to your car by choosing the best product in the market.