Lexus SC300 vs. Lexus GS300

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Are you into Lexus cars and searching for a posh model? Do you want to know how they differ? Here, we shall discuss two Lexus models – the white SC300 and the black GS300. Don’t hesitate to read.


Lexus SC300 lowered

The Lexus SC300 is among the most overlooked vehicles in the US but the truth is its twin turbo can be your little rocket ship, driving you at 2000mph and above thanks to the powerful 3-liter inline-6 engine. Owners and drivers may have different opinions regarding the car but most of them profess that it has a perfect blend of performance and luxury. What’s more, the pearl white color gives the car a distinctive taste. As far as the wheels are concerned, SC300 is set for a classy and timeless design of the Weds Kranze Bazreias. The 16-inch silver aluminum wheels contribute to the luxurious appearance in addition to a sporty look on the big lip and bolts.


At a glance, you can tell that this car is inspired by the VIP crowd. It proudly rocks that FUSA and an extra touch of the wood grain steering wheel. Not to mention, the steering systems of the later models are incredibly responsive and most drivers describe them as effortless and ‘steering by telepathy’. The manufacturer clearly knows that it is the smallest things that make a difference. For instance, the window and rear roof visors are color-matched to give that distinctive look. And on the belly, the SC300 is dropped with Megan coil-overs which look great from a sideshow angle.


Performance wise, Lexus SC 300 is inferior to the likes of BMW but it is fairly priced, given its scarcity and value. Actually, many owners hold on to this car till the end and that is why it’s not easy to come by a used SC 300.

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Lexus GS300 lowered

This may be one of the simplest cars but its great looks are hard to ignore. Let’s dig into Lexus GS300, a unique and not-so-common model.


The front sits at 19 by 8.5 (+6 offset) and the rear setup is 19 by 10 (-4 offset). The latest Lexus GS300 is an affordable and luxurious sedan whose price ranged below GS350. With a 4-cylinder turbo-powered 2-liter engine, it can generate horsepower up to 241 which is sufficient albeit not so exciting. Its high fuel economy is probably the biggest stronghold of GS300.

Equipped with an F Sports Package for the steering and suspension systems, Lexus GS300 makes one of the most exciting mid-size sedans you can drive. The advanced features make even the entry-level model compete strongly in the industry of luxurious automobiles.

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