Factory appearance of the Acura RSX 2005 was filled with aggression and aesthetics thanks to the tricks with the suspension. The owner of this Acura, Devin Richardson decided to choose this car, because he wanted to deal with what he was not used to, since he usually dealt with BMW. Let’s see what happened in the end!

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Let’s start with the wheels of the car: Work Ryver Touring Dish Wheel in custom Full Polish (18×9.5/10.5 +19 5×120). And the 15mm adapters are used.

The car’s rear suspension is completed by Airforce struts. The most modern air suspension control system based on pressure Airlift Autopilot v2 digital management is used.

The 444c Viair compressor is installed, because when interacting with a 5-gallon tank (polished) it provides a recovery time of just one minute, fifty-four seconds (i.e., 110 -150 psi).

Thanks to new K-Tuned tie rods, 1/4 air lines, and custom front camber kit, the car becomes new, as they provide precise movement and the best control.

Without K-Tuned tie rods, you cannot do in races. Without SPC rear camber kit cannot do, because when you lowered the car, a couple of months and the tires wear out. SPC rear camber kit will avoid it. ASR subframe brace, D2 rear lower control arms and beaks subframe tie bar are completed. Polyurethane bushings are placed all around, as with time the rubber bushing wears out and it will have to be replaced. Despite the fact that polyethylene bushings increase vibration and sound they are practical.

What about the exterior of Acura? Mugen front bumper, mugen sideskirts and mugen rear lip are installed. Devsport sideskirt splitters and the wing is Type R. The headlights are Custom Retrofitted.

Interior: The headliner is Reupholstered red, what gives the car a new style and aesthetic appearance.

The steering wheel is Nardi deep corn. An excellent choice, since Nardi was the first company around the world to realize that in addition to the function of driving, it would not be bad to add a refined stylish design.

NRG quick releases set up, for today, these systems are very popular and serve as an anti-theft system. The center console, door sill trims, and door cards are type R.

The Performance: Ported head to reduce the turbulence of the fluid and to increase power. AEM cold air intake increases power by increasing the flow at the input. Greddy exhaust: the system enhances the sound, improves performance and adds a predatory look to the car. Imported Type R Front Brembo brakes are installed.

However, the owner and creator of this “predator” are not going to stop. Devin Richardson says that he would like wider and new wheels, make more the front camber, use different sets of lips and finally change the color of the car.

Well, we are looking forward to a new modification of the Akura!