Whenever we hear the name of BMW cars, we unintentionally start dreaming of excellent design and overall performance.

BMW X6 Lowered on H&R Springs Buy on Amazon with 22″ AC Forged 312 matte black 22×11 & 22×12 wrapped 285-30-22 & 335-25-22 Pirelli Tires.

The very first BMW-X6 in 2008 showcased the technically revolutionary Dynamic Performance Control system (DPC), which efficiently distributed the power to rear axle between the left-hand and right-hand wheels and, therefore, elevated overall stability.

It would be difficult to claim that the second generation or facelift, as many are calling this, has made the automobile much better looking. However, in other parts, this starting X6 has become a modified cabin style with improved effectiveness – mostly as a result of updates to an 8-speed automated gearbox that combines all the best from single-turbo 3 liter straight 6 diesel.


You won’t find any valid reason to ignore this beautiful BMW.  This car is black, and its front side is just amazing. BMW-X6 is lowered on the H&R Springs wheels. The wheels and tires match the overall design of this car amazingly, and the black wheels with black curved spikes look stunning.

Parts for BMW X6 on Amazon

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