So, focus your attention to the sports car produced by the corporation Nissan Motor Co. The 350Z is the fifth generation of the Nissan Z series cars, beginning in 1969.

350Z is a rear-wheel drive car with 2-seater, 2-door and with a front engine. The design of the car was developed by Nissan Design America. The feature of this car is a short cab and a long hood. With an unforgettable exterior “Rocket Bunny Kit.”

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If you pay attention to the smaller details, you can notice the wonderful original door handles in polished aluminum, massive bumpers, the instrument panel, the control of which occurs together with the steering column. There is no glove box in the front panel.

In fact, the Nissan 350Z engine is in front, but behind the front axle is closer to the center of the car. It is this feature that gives this sportscar an excellent weight distribution and, accordingly, controllability.

For better grip on the road, as well as for maintaining the style on the car, wheels from GMR with Chrome Rivets and Gloss Black Face are installed (19×12 -30 with a 6 “Lip Front; 19×13 -50 with a 8.5” Lip Rear).

This set of GMR SS1 wheels with incredibly large displacements helps fill broad fenders. These wheels are in perfect contrast with the exquisitely aggressive appearance of the sports car. Behind wide wheels, there is a set of Z1 rotors, for total power over this uncontrollable beauty on the road.

Voodoo13 Front and Rear Camber Arms – made of aluminum hexagonal steel is already an integral element in this machine. Those levers provide a wide range of camber adjustment and improved control.

Since we know about how wild this machine is. It has to hold its tight. And an unsurpassed Airlift Autopilot V2 Management will help with this.

This mechanism gives tremendous control over the air suspension system. It is very small in size (can fit in the palm of the hand). Its body is rubberized, for greater stability from damage. The sensor reading is displayed on a small screen. For example, the individual angular air pressure and the pressure in the tank. With it, the exact diagnostic capabilities are real, which allow the driver to check the compressor’s performance and the operating time of the machine. The system warns about any problems in a timely manner. It is excellent, isn’t it?

And here’s what the salon of this car has prepared for us:

– Pair of Status GT Racing Seats – that you could feel like the king of the road.

– Grip Royal Steering Model Royal SI on Chrome Spokes – that only you could lead the road

– Grip Royal Chrome Metal Horn Kit

– Grip Royal Carbon Fiber Shift Knob

– JVC Double Din Stereo

– 2x Sony Type S Sub Woofers- music takes on a new look when played back with them.

– 1500watt American Bass Amp and Capacitor

– Carbor Fiber Wrap Interior Done (made by owner’s wife Candice Montgomery, so cool, right?)

That car can be safely called as the king of roads!

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