This “2010 Volkswagen-CC” looks similar to a more costly vehicle. This is undoubtedly a great thing for the majority of shoppers. Being the Volkswagen’s second try at a luxurious sedan, the CC calls for a more traditional approach available in the marketplace compared to the ex – Phaeton flagship.

Here is a 2010 VW CC we tried a few sets of wheels on.

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First set up: Vossen VVS-084 wheels / 19×8.5 – 19×10 / Silver Machined

As opposed to being designed on a completely new, unique platform, this CC is designed with the familiar underpinnings distributed to the Passat. Also, when it comes to 4Motion and VR6 “all-wheel” drive variants, this will replace the Passat effectively.

All of this modesty is not readily visible in the beginning. This 2010 Volkswagen-CC is a follower of a gorgeous, “coupe-like” silhouette comparable to that Mercedes CLS, along with the frameless windows as well as a flawless long design. No matter whether you take the offense to calling whatever with 4 doors “a coupe”, the VW has produced an extremely elegant design, having excluded long overhangs (particularly in front).

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