Finding the right car to buy isn’t an easy task, especially when you’re on a tight budget. Every one of us has that dream car that we want so badly, but until then we settle with one that can take us from A to B with great mileage and easy to maintain. And the Matiz is one of those cars that gets sh*t done with minimal costs but that’s it. Most of us will hide in one of this Korean cans if our mum gave us the keys to it but not in Mario’s case. He took it to a whole new level!

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We never imagined that a Daewoo can look this nice, especially not a Matiz.

With a full custom paint job, wide wheels and low ride height we could easily state that it’s a head turner, people stop and stare every single day at this little fella. But you will probably say “yeah it’s only a Matiz” and forget the essence of the culture; it’s not what you mod, it’s how you mod it. People that love their cars is pretty normal in this game but then there’s Mario, a dude that takes things to the next level in more ways than one …

Sitting preety on 16″ Alessio Monaco wheels wrapped in 165.40.16 Nankang NSII.

Most of the bodywork Mario did to his car is custom, including the rear bumper in US look (somewhere a Korean car engineer is surely disturbed).

Spotless bodywork and paint job, in fact with some significant awards and prizez from different shows Mario attended in Hungary this year.

Awesome ride in a awesome scenario. Mario insisted to wait until autumn to do his feature, and the wait was truly worth it , just look at those colors !

Cheeky ride with a cheeky stretch. New updates include more low, we heard something about “air” and we are so hype to see this little fella grounded.

Spec list:

• Allesio Monaco 16″
• 7,5J all around
• ET35 front and ET20 rear
• Nankang NSII 165.40.16 all around Buy on Amazon
• Custom suspension with TA-Technics springs Buy on Amazon

• Custom front bumper
• Custom rear bumper US look
• Full red rear lights
• Joey mod headlights

• Raid HP 280mm steering wheel Buy on Amazon
• Custom knob
• Custom interior with red stitches