The Mazda3 has always been a comfortable and spacious automobile with a unique spirit. This 4-door sedan is very popular among car enthusiasts because it has ad awesome gas mileage and a natural sporty demeanor. Given that this model has a manual transmission, it is really fun to drive.

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Typical Mazda3 of 2006 demonstrates a great performance thanks to its free-revving 2.3-liter engine and five-speed manual transmission or an automatic one with a manual-shift feature. Mazda3 is a good automobile by definition, and as Ryan Mcallister has proved, it can become even better after it is stanced.

Ryan is a proud Mazda3 owner. The guy knew that this auto is very good for a stance. For him, Mazda3 was another opportunity to stand out from the crowd and be different from everyone else.

Very often, the car enthusiasts chose the cars for stance having something particular in their minds. However, as Ryad admitted himself, he didn’t really have any goal when he started modifying the auto. He just knew that he wanted to bagged and to be different. As for us, whichever purpose he had, it doesn’t really matter. We see the result, and it looks awesome.

Take a look at these pics and see for yourself. We’ve also examined the modification list, and here are the highlights. This stanced Mazda3 has OZ Racing Tornado wheels, 18×8.5 +38 in the front and 18×10 +38 in the rear. Its suspension is modified with Air Lift Performance Series Struts & Bags and Accuair Management. Finally, the performance is boosted by Corksport Air Intake View on Amazon.

OZ Racing Tornado wheel 18"

Speaking about the exterior, it is enhanced by the Power JDM Front Bumper Quick Releases, Dancing Monkey Wheel Nuts, and E-Wing Aero Designs Front Splitter. The glossy grey-ish finish complements its vogue. Ryan also updated the interior; he installed a WEARELIKEWISE Shift Knob, so now, riding in this Mazda feels like filming the next Drake’s music video.

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As to the plans, Ryan wants to modify the car further. As to the things he’d like to do in the future, the guy has mentioned getting a pair of Bride or Recaro seats, add a rear diffuser and an E-Wing Aero Designs side skirt, as well as install Nardi wheel, corksport exhaust, and window guards. We can only imagine how this auto is going to look after all of this being done.