If we’re to be flawlessly truthful, it took us some time to develop warm feelings to Mazda’s final production kick at the rotary can. In the stock trim, RX-8 didn’t seem a great deal to us. It wasn’t until we’ve noticed Moneeshs car when we realized that RX-8 simply needed a sophisticated and attractive touch to appear just right.

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orange-colored Mazda RX8 stanced on custom wheels

This sort of to-the-point customization is the sort on which Low Level from Quebec typically concentrates. Similarly to other Low-Level TL driving member Alex, Max has concentrated almost all his customization efforts on the riding wheel and height fitment.

Remarkably (19×9.5/10.5) large VRC13 VIP Modular wheels fill fender wells, whereas Stance-Super Sports coilovers do their best to keep the undercarriage from reaching the ground, as well as prevent the tire from striking the fender.

Impressively large (19×9.5/10.5) VIP Modular VRC13 wheels

If the road is leveled sufficiently to set a few powers up, which is not happening very often in Quebec, an Agency race pipe/power catback combo belts out the exclusive sound, which is the best that a rotary can make.

Simple and subtle RX-8 of Max is another outstanding portrayal of clean cars popping out of Quebec area introduced to you through French Canadian VDO. Bear in mind; not a single FCVDO post feels complete without a video. This one reflects how outstanding the car of this guy looks when rolling.

Even though Mazda RX-8 appears like a racing-tuned-sports car, its attitude on the road is a lot more docile. Its sufficient grip on edges as well as solid feedback from steering wheel allows it to be a precise riot on the serpentine road. However, the compliant ride of this car implies that it will not take you down on the day-to-day commute. On the other hand, a rotary engine needs higher engine speeds for making serious power. Yet, the delivery will be virtually vibration-free, and its sound levels will be more subdued.

In the cabin, RX-8’s revolutionary 2-person backseat and reverse-opening back half-doors offer the kind of practicality that none other sports car may match. Supplied back-seat passengers tend to be of regular size. Such sitting in the rear will ensure and ample space in the automobile and comfortable traveling. Overall, this RX-8 is the best example of a car which is very nice to drive on long trips. It is also a very pleasant car to ride through the city on a day to day basis. However, you need to be ready to spend time at the pump since it has a higher-revving rotary-swills fuel as in SUV.

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