The world’s most famous hatchback Volkswagen Golf GTI is one of the few cars at a reasonable price, which is really interesting to drive. For the first time, the first world saw the seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf at the annual Paris Motor Show in 2012, along with the German manufacturer showed its advanced version. The final world debut of the Volkswagen Golf GTI stance took place at the Geneva Motor Show in 2013.

Cool Look

The GTI stance does not differ much from ordinary Golf.  The improved version has a more massive front bumper with black arrows, a proprietary red strip penetrating the optics, two chrome exhaust pipes instead of one. And of course, it has more powerful brake calipers, painted in red. The sports version differs from its standard brother in the exclusive large wheels with a radius of seventeen inches, as well as the design of the front end.

It has another radiator grille, made of black plastic with large six-pointed honeycombs, a bagged GTI nameplate, and a fashionable red stripe, smoothly flowing over the headlights. The latter has a stylish elongated shape and expand as you move away from the grille. Right under them, we can see the fog lights, which are in special recesses, reminiscent of the fighter’s air intake. They are covered with horizontally oriented strips of black plastic, which give the hatchback a unique aggressive appearance. In general, the novelty looks stylish and dynamic thanks to numerous sports elements, large wheels and a swift silhouette with relief ribs on the hood and doors.

The Size

Volkswagen Golf GTI is a representative of the once very popular class of cars. It’s a hot hatchback. It combines excellent dynamic performance, excellent handling, and small size. Overall dimensions of the car are as follows: length is 4255 mm, width is 1790 mm, height is 1452 mm, and the ride height will be 150 mm, which is typical for cars of this class. It is noteworthy that the clearance of the sports version was reduced by 15 mm in order to increase the stability and controllability of the car in a dynamic driving mode. This effect is due to the fact that, together with the underestimation of the car, its center of gravity also becomes lower, which directly affects the ability of the car to turn over. The size of the luggage compartment is 380 liters. It can not be said that it is roomy, but it can not also be called small. The luggage compartment is perfect for trips to a store or a gym, but is this important if it is a car of this kind?

Engine and Transmission

The Volkswagen Golf GTI is equipped with one single engine and two gears to choose from. It is a six-speed mechanics and a robot with two clutches. The power unit of the hatchback is a gasoline four with a turbo-supercharging capacity of 1984 cubic centimeters. Due to the large volume of combustion chambers and turbocharging, the Volkswagen Golf GTI engine develops 220 horsepower at 6200 rpm and 350 Nm of torque at 4400 revolutions of the crankshaft per minute. Such a herd of horses under the hood of a small hatchback weighing 1370 kilograms is able to accelerate it to a speed of one hundred kilometers per hour in just 6.5 seconds, in turn; the maximum speed will be 244 kilometers per hour.


Volkswagen Golf GTI is a representative of a hot hatchback, these cars will always remain on the pages of the history of the automotive industry. Such fame is due to the inexpressible sensations of driving. A fast, powerful maneuverable car in a civilian body, it will suit both for a Sunday trip to the shopping center and more serious tests on the track. You can easily navigate in the stream or rush through winding streets, and every trip will be unforgettable.

Congratulations Mina for helping raise the bar.


  • matte black roof
  • matte black R-line mirrors
  • matte black front shield
  • matte black front middle section on ed30 lip
  • matte black rear diffuser
  • matte black honeycombe grilles
  • J’s Racing Teal front smiley
  • Badgeless Honeycomb grille
  • filled in hood notch
  • OEM open fog grilles
  • nokya yellow fogs +nokya yellow ftps
  • OEM smoked mirror indicators
  • full euro ed30 kit (front ed30 euro lip + rear ed30 euro bumper + side skirts)
  • fully shaved front bumper + moulded ed30 euro lip
  • custom moulded rear diffuser to run quad exhaust
  • euro OEM LED tail lights
  • debadged front and rear “gti”
  • 35% tint all around
  • Evoms Engine Cover painted matte black/ BMP with J’s Racing Teal accents
  • Painted Battery cover + fuse cover BMP with J’s Racing teal accents
  • Brake Calipers Painted black



  • Waywell
  • OEM Red stitching gti floormats
  • Eurojet Digital boost gauge
  • Dakota Digital air gauge
  • OSIR double-o gauge pod
  • euro OEM headlight switch
  • euro OEM cupholder


  • 5 gallon slim tank
  • Polished aluminum hardlines
  • Gold fittings
  • Suede floor



  • 18×8.5 et27 2.5” lip
  • 18×10 et27 3.5” lip
  • sparco 5mm spacers front
  • J’s Racing Teal face
  • Matte Black barrels
  • High polished aluminum lips
  • Gold plated bbs rs bolts
  • Special “W” Work caps