This man has been dealing with automobiles for more than a decade now. The unique JCW Mini is his another remarkable modification. He decided that he needed a Mini right after he encountered a white-colored Mini Cooper-S that was touring the streets of their town. When he heard that characteristics sound of a supercharger, he became hooked. However, Lex’s Mini isn’t an ordinary customized Mini. Soon after buying this auto, which was about 5 years ago, he thought that he won’t customize it. Indeed, being the JCW with a cat-back structure and JCW brakes,this Mini has already been special. However, the man couldn’t resist.

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Everything has started with a couple of coilovers Image BPS’s that were bought within a few weeks. Then there were a few Rota’ s after, a stunning set of BBS RT’s that are not manufactured anymore, and a few Porsche Twists (grey). Right now, the gorgeous Gotti G1001’s wheels with 9J in the rearand 8J in the front. The car is clean to the glow and it’s on the air ride. However, the first thing you see is this elegant Mini is the purple details.

Gotti G1001’s 8J wheels

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The color Purple is almost everywhere in this auto. You can find it on the engine bay, roof lining, door cards, theseats, the boot, customized silicone color-coded hoses to fit, even in headlights! The most common thing that he gets asked about this auto is why purple? The answer is simple though. Purple was the favorite color of Lex’s mum, and after she passed away, the guy decided to invest in the tributary interior.

On the whole, we love everything in this Mini Cooper-S: purple color touches,amazing wheels, and needless to say, the lows. Such a precious car! Given that he dedicates a lot of time to its cleaning, many people ask him whether this is only a show car. The guy responds that this is not merely an on-display car because it’s got not only the looks but also the power. He uses it on a daily basis.
We find it very interesting because of its peculiar style and vintage vibe.