Knowing Calin for a while I could easily say that he is one of the most dedicated people that I’ve met.  Always unsatisfied with things and always stepping up the game in our group, he managed to stand out from the pack with this flawless MK4 US-spec with many OEM+ addons.

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Like most of us Veedub nuts, he started with little mods like some 16″ alloys, a badgeless grill, some tinted windows, a LED here and there and for that time was actually “clean” besides all the bodykit-ed VWs. But times change, trends come and go and standing out with a car model that was sold in over 300.000 units all over the world isn’t that easy for everyone, especially when you live in a country that is behind at least 5 years in terms of modding a proper dub. But Calin’s MK4 is living proof that even so , we can still make the best of the situation and show out our pride & joys to the world.

Altitude adjustment were made all the way down and the traditional coilover route works for now but I can asure you that this MK4 will be soon laying frame.

US rear bumpers are a rare sight around here but our boy managed to get his hands on one.

Last time we posted shots of Calin’s whip was sitting on staggered 17″ CRs 8,5J with 9,5J but with the need of bigger rollers, our boy decided to take a big step and got a set of 19″ BMW X5 Style 63 staggered wheels ( or better knowed as Tiger Claws ) for achieving a more aggresive fitment.

Having such a flawless ride on our website, we couldn’t be happier with peaking Calin’s Golf for our first feature.

It’s fair to say that we are proud of having a individual like Calin in the team and surely this will not be the last time we will hear from him, new updated for the MK4 are already in the making so keep your eyes pealed on the website !

Spec list:

• MK5 GTI steering wheel
• Recaro seats
• GTI gear knob
• Black-out interior (R32 style)
• W8 light
• TT Aluminium pedals & footrest

• Front & rear V6 valance
• US rear bumper
• Orange corner lights
• Joey mod headlights
• Thule roof rack & Thule fairing

• Raceland coilovers Buy on Amazon
• BMW X5 Style 63 wheels
9J (ET 28) & 10J (ET25)
• 20mm H&R adaptors 5×120 to 5×100
• 215.35.19 Nankang NSII fronts Buy on Amazon 
222.35.19 Uniroyal rears

• HU Alpine IDA X200 Buy on Amazon
• Focal K2 Power 165KR speakers
• GroundZero Nuclear subwoofer
• HiFonics Brutus Anniversary Edition amplifier Buy on Amazon