For decades, numerous versions of the famous Z Car have been considered as perfect stance cars. Attractive styling, mind-blowing performances, and excellent aftermarket support are just some of the reasons why these models are so popular among car enthusiasts.

Nissan 370Z Accessories

The latest version of the legendary nameplate is not an exception. Nissan 370Z has been around for about 9 years and it already gained a reputation of a legendary sports car. Considering its amazing characteristics, it’s no wonder that modified versions of this car are becoming more and more popular.

This particular model included numerous modifications. The whole process started a few years ago. The general idea was to make a stance with a sporty look. So, let’s start with the most important thing – suspension. There is an Air Lift Performance 3P Management, which comes in a combination with SPL Front & Rear Camber Kit.

Of course, there are new struts, designed by AirRex. Another critical thing about every stance is set of new wheels. On this Nissan, we can see Work Meisters S1 3P wheels with 19-inches in diameter, which seems like a perfect measure. Wheels are pretty wide – 12 inches at the front and 14 inches at the rear axle. Wheels come in a combination with Toyo R888 tires.

In terms of styling, there are numerous modifications as well. The first thing you’ll notice is a custom Marina Blue paint. Considering the monstrous size of the wheels, the AimGain full body kit seems like a natural choice. The lighting group has been upgraded with Iron Man Landing Strip LED, as well as with Evo-R Rear Fog/Brake Light.

On the inside, there is a new carbon trim all around the cabin. Most of these pieces are from Evo-R. A sporty flat-bottom steering wheel is made of the same material. New leather seats are made by renowned manufacturer Bride Euroster.

Finally, let’s say a few words about modifications under the hood. Several parts of the engines have been painted, while engine and radiator covers are made by Evo-R. Some of the interesting upgrades are Stillen air intake and oil cooler, as well as Z1 Hood Struts. Finally, there is a completely new exhaust system, designed by Motordyne, which includes manifold and pipes as well.