This two-door coupe pleases its own characteristics not only of the owner but also passers-by, with its red and white impeccable exterior. This beauty will not leave even the reader indifferent. What is so special about it?

This is the BMW E36, the modification of the body of the 3 series. This model entered the market for the period 1990-1994th and replaced the E30 model very successfully.


In July 1981th, the development of the BMW E36 began, in 1988th; the model was approved for launch in production. However, for Europe, the model was put into production in 1990th, and in April 1991th the model hit the territory of the USA and Canada.
Due to its elegance, the E36 was very popular in the sales market, which helped the success of the subsequent E46 model, which replaced it in production.

But there is no limit to perfection and the owner of this model went further, and it turned out perfectly. The wheels from Work Meister S1 18 (10j front; 11j rear), as well as Tires 215/40/18; 225/40/18 cast on this wheelbarrow.

WORK Wheels are unique forged and cast discs, which came from Japan. The company is one of the most famous manufacturers of wheel rims all over the world from 1977 to today. WORK products are difficult to confuse with something else, they stand out for their style, quality, and uniqueness among competitors from the moment of appearance on the market of sales. WORK drives undergo a complete quality control cycle.  Due to its design, the discs are considered to be heavy-duty and very thin for a perfect installation.

In order for the driver to have maximum control in particularly difficult bends or during sports races, the DGR Sport coil overs with custom springs (25KG, with a hard dampener (more viscous oil is used) and springs) is installed.

In the exterior of the machine makes a greater share of the elegance of Fancywide front splitter and Fancywide V2 rear diffuser. Full m3 kit with GT spoiler custom spacers is also made flawlessly.

It is also worth a look inside the car. Being in the salon of this BMW is a pleasure. The salon is made in black and orange colors, everything looks very elegant and insanely nice to the touch.