Paul Martin is the owner of this effective car 1995 Nissan 240sx. This car became his dream since he was 10 years, and it was realized. He was able to make it unique and to emphasize his own style and personality with his car. Paul wanted to create a clean car, while adding a light aggressive appearance. Actually, with the naked eye, it can be seen that he achieved it.

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Let’s start with the wheels, a really good choice Work Meister S1 3P (18×10.5 -26); (18×12.5 -14). Work Wheels – unique forged and cast discs originally from Japan. The company was founded in 1977 and has since been one of the most famous wheel manufacturers in the world. Work products stand out amongst their competitors from the very first appearance on the market. The Work discs are manufactured in Japan and undergo a complete quality control cycle.

What about the suspension? Thanks to the threaded front struts of Air Lift, the car is transformed into an aggressive predator, without losing the opportunity to overcome obstacles or smoothly enter parking spaces. With the help of double bellow bags, the ride quality improves, the height and powerful performance can be adjusted to the maximum.

SPL Control arms and toe arms are installed. SPL production is made in the USA. Adjustable control arms are made of light titanium, aluminum, and chrome construction.

Exterior: S15 front end conversion is placed; this conversion includes all the functions that are needed. Vertex body kit: Thanks to its structure, each kit provides maximum stability and flexibility and allows the use of an individual approach. Custom Widened and Molded Origin wide body fenders are mounted. Candy apple red paint adds a car highlight and aesthetic appearance. This coloring always attracts attention and has an interesting coating technology.

As for the interior of the car, the creator made the right choice with RECARO Pole Position seat. This is really the best option for both beginners and auto sports. The company provided extended sets of functions and serious strength. Moreover, such a seat provides the driver with optimal control in extreme situations. In occasion of what look this seat gives to a salon, it is not necessary superfluous words!

Performance: Sr20det swap (S15 Motor) is installed. Haltech Platinum Pro ECU provides programmable interaction with all standard sensors, onboard computer systems, control over fuel management tasks. Greddy Type S blow off valve eliminate overheating of the compressor, prevent premature leakage and increase productivity. Greddy Trust intercooler, Excedy stage 2 clutch, and custom intake/intercooler piping are here. Invidia Turboback exhaust is Installed which improve the natural tone of the car, provides an efficient exhaust gas flow and provides optimum engine performance.

For two years, the construction of the car has brought to the creator many horrible and amazing stories, but it was worth it. What will be changed in the car further, we can only guess, since Paul every day comes up with something new. In any case, it will be something interesting, but we just have to wait for the next modification.