If you look at this A4 Stance, you may think the whole process went pretty smooth. Still, this rework included plenty of business, including carious styling modifications, as well as plenty of changes on the inside. Of course, mechanical aspect of the car is the most interesting. There is a new suspension, as well as numerous tweaks to the engine. Finally, there are attractive Vossen wheels.

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We will start this short description with exterior modifications. As you can notice, this A4 kept its base contour. There is no necessary work on the body. Some of the most important new parts are an RS4 front bumper, while the rear one comes from Wald. That is pretty much everything when it comes to body parts. Of course, the owner decided to rework the lighting group, so there is a pretty interesting 7-Color LED Knight Rider Kit View on Amazon at the front, as well as custom taillight at the rear end.

On the inside, there is a new carbon fiber trim all around the cabin. The steering wheel is also new, also with carbon fiber. Rest of the cabin remains pretty much unchanged, except there is a new lighting. A custom remote night light has been installed, as well as Star Ceiling light remote.

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We are finally approaching mechanical changes. In this aspect, you can see numerous modifications as well. First of all, we will talk about suspensions. The owner decided to purchase AccuAir, a reputable manufacturer that did a pretty good job in this case. Along with the new suspension, there are new wheels, with 20 inches in diameter and 11.5-width. Offset goes around 32 mm.

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Under the hood, this A4 comes with several interesting engine tweaks. There is a new sporty cold-air-intake system from AFE, which provides plenty of fresh air. Also, the owner has reworked the ECU, with Stage 1 upgrade. Finally, there is a completely new, custom-design exhaust system, which provides not just better sound but more efficiency as well.

All in all, the owner of this attractive sedan did a great job. If we consider that the list of replaced parts isn’t too long, the results obtained become even more impressive.