The Blue Phenix is one of the most innovative and carefully designed modified vehicles in Moscow. The owner, Maxim, had a lot of challenges to face because the Honda Prelude did not go well with the market. The increased price produced fewer demands for the vehicle which made it unpopular. However, it was still open to various engineering solutions and experiments.

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The Blue Phenix has a sturdy exterior which also sports the Wing West body kit. Another great feature and aesthetic added to the Blue Phenix is the Mugen rear fangs. The front brakes were modified from their original rustic form to three-hundredths made by the Accord Euro. Maxim also had some custom tracks welded into the Honda Prelude. The 5Zigen katback commemorates the JDM convention by being aligned at a certain angle. This gives the vehicle much more grip and support. The color of the Blue Phenix has been carefully picked to complement its leather-studded interior.

While the exterior is one to leave every motorist and enthusiast in awe, the interior is no less in terms of style, uniqueness, and comfort. Previously, the Blue Phenix had sported a white leather look which readily got worn out when the seasons changed. So Maxim had them changed with Recaro SR3 seats. These highly comfortable seats are interwoven in a combination of leather. The leather seating gives off a premium look with scarlet stitching to create an extravagant contrast with all the leather. Other than that, the steering wheel has also been replaced and revamped with an Italian Nappa. The steering wheel also sports a red lining to match the other elements of the interior which have similar red stitching.

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Although the Blue Phenix has been heavily modified, it does not sport any elements which are unnecessary. The Blue Phenix prides itself on being a modified yet a carefully engineered car which sports all the looks as well as the features and efficiency that is required.

After all, every car has its own downsides and known problem areas. Blue Phinx is not different with exception of painless ownership. The only thing you need to consider is the cost of repairs. Although this small beast hardly required any, whenever needed, it will cost you some serious amount of bucks. Above all, it will definitely steal your heart!