Of all the cars in the long lineup of Honda over the last few years, none have as much crossover elegance as S2000. For every single 2002 Rio-Yellow Honda S2000 owner who added it in the collection of many other roadsters, there are just as many rookies in the community who had bought S2K having never had any Honda unit previously.

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yellow-colored Honda S2000 slammed

This car has all the features of a winner, especially in the eye of the general public. A rev-happy engine, convertible, RWD and a chassis endowed with amazing handling – it has obtained all the features of an ideal weekend car. However, its reliability implies that daily driving is not a problem whatsoever. At present, with more than a decade under the belt, used S2000 Honda is incredibly affordable. Needless to say, with a lot of access now approved, the amount of modified editions has increased significantly for better or worse.

Rio-Yellow Honda S2000 stanced on CCW LM5T's wheels

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You can find S2000 project vehicles scattered everywhere in the country nowadays, and they appear to grow very popular year after year. Some autos are done well; they don’t stray too much from the expected purpose, feel, and look. The others, at the same time – well, they appear to be in the race to discover which vehicle can bolt on more stuff. Jose Lopez, owner of 2002 Rio Yellow S2000 Honda, will never earn a prize for the biggest number of items of flair put into his 2-seater, which works for him perfectly.

His enthusiasm for Honda roadster started from the time he set eyes on the vehicle in 1999. As soon as the car reach dealer showrooms, Jose Lopez jumped over a Silverstone version, however, later, he changed it when the Spa Yellow edition was launched. His 2nd S2000 appeared to be cursed since it never ran fast enough after adding a supercharger. Try as he might, Healy could not ignore the issue. After going through the entire summertime without being in a position to drive the convertible, he made the decision that he had enough frustration and bought yet another S2000, now a 2002 Rio Yellow S2000 Honda.

CCW LM5T's full polish 17x10 +38 wrapped in 235/40/17 Toyo Proxies T1

This car offers the ever best performance. It has AEM V2 Cold Air Intake View on Amazon, Berk 70-mm Test-Pipe, and Invidia Q-300 Double Exhaust.