Let’s talk about some customization of the amazing coupe Infiniti G35 done by an aspiring car enthusiast. The guy had started the process of customization some time ago. After six months of saving, he finally managed to buy one for about 12.000 dollars. The car was in a very good condition, with clutch and oil replaced recently, as well with a completely new set of Toyo tires. The great thing about this particular car was that the previous owner didn’t bother much with modifications. The car was in a pretty much stock condition, but with plenty of features, such as Bose audio, navigation etc.

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The first step was trunk de-badging. This was a pretty simple task done with a blow dryer, dental floss, goo gone, etc. After few hours, the job was successfully completed. Next, he went for some interior tweaks. This guy adores polka dot, so surfaces like door panels and control panel were covered with this pattern.

After these initial cosmetic tweaks, it was time for some mechanical changes. He decided to replace original suspension and lower the car, which is usually one of the first steps in car customization. Installing some cheap product was out of the question. He went for SS Coilers with 12k and 8k spring rates, which seems like a great choice. However, installation of these coilovers didn’t go so smooth. A bolt that connects the bottom of the coilover to the rotor was broken by accident, so the whole replacement process was prolonged for few days until new bolts came. Since the car is completely black, removing chrome pieces of the grille seemed logical. He also removed license plate, despite this is illegal.

The next move was to go wider. Fender roller and a set of three pairs of spacers with different dimensions were bought. Things on the rear end went smooth, but there were problems with front wheels. He decided to cut a piece of the fender so it wouldn’t rub into tires.

A few days later, he faced another problem. In a curb accident, he hit so hard that front bumper was broken, as well as wiper fluid container. Instead of buying aftermarket custom-fit bumper, he decided to buy an OEM bumper, as well as Nismo lip. It turned to be not only cheaper but also more stylish solution.

Wheels have always been one of the most important things in the car customization. Our friend tried with sanding and painting first and it turned out pretty good. A white color gave a nice contrast to the all-black exterior. Still, he bought used Weds KranzeBazreias with tires and 4 32 mm spacers for $1350. This was a really good deal, which took this Infiniti to the completely new level when it comes to customization.

Then, another bad accident happened. Some Jeep backed into the car and damaged grille and hood. Fortunately, he managed to repair them for only $400. After the repair, he went to the tint shop and tined front windows for 5%. Then he went for few stickers and some other sundries.

Meanwhile, he participated in several local car shows and even won few trophies. This was a great encouragement for further customization. He’s currently saving money for things like 326 Power lug nuts, stiffer springs, camber kit, and wider lips. Considering his great enthusiasm, there is much more to come.