Lexus IS is very similar to BMW 3 series, but it looks much better, more like a GS300. The automobile was made to ensure a smooth driving experience on any roads. This is a rear wheel drive car with an automatic transmission. Apart from having an ideal weight distribution, it is enhanced with the e-level AccuAir suspension, which is a top-notch piece of technology as we all know.

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Hence, you’re looking at the fully equipped sports beast with the shades of new-age design. Its assembly is so full that there’s literally no other car like this anywhere in the world. You’ll never buy it from Lexus because they simply don’t make such automobiles, although most car enthusiasts were hoping that they would since 2000. We’re talking about a quiet, refined, reliable, and incredibly powerful version of Lexus IS200 – the mighty Lexus IS200 with a very-very sweet 4-liter engine. Technically, it’s not IS200 anymore. This car is Lexus IS400.

Given that this is the “intelligent sport” series automobile, it has a very sporty style reinforced by the razor-sharp angular body lines. If you take a look at the front end, you’ll notice that it is especially neat. The wheel overhangs are almost invisible, and the installed big wheels give the car an aggressively sexy contemporary look.

work meister s1 3p 18-inch wheels

Speaking about the wheels, this Lexus IS is equipped with a luxury 18″ alloy Meister S1 3P View on Amazon ones in matte Bronze Anodized finish (although the factory wheels are 17 inches).
The new extra stylish but super expensive wheels. If I could ask Santa for a Christmas present, I would ask him for these.

Such Lexus will stand out in the car park because it is as impressive in the rear as it is on the front. An amazing look from behind is reinforced by the clear-lens rear light clusters that look like crystals. They are especially good-looking on the cars with darker body color.

I’d like to give the owner special credits for giving the preference to this color. This caramel/ milk chocolate/ cinnamon finish is extremely eye-catching. It would make any vehicle look awesome, not to mention the car with IS200 design and LS400 capacity.

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Overall, Lexus IS is all about driving ability and fun. It will satisfy even the most demanding drivers.