This car feels good in the hands of the owner. The guy spent a lot of time and efforts to make the automobile look special; all the minor issues were resolved, and several tasteful modifications were made for this Lexus to become not just good-looking, but totally awesome.

black slammed Lexus SC300 on silver wheels

Such body style for CS was last produced in 2000, and this particular car is one of those 581 vehicles from the last batch. It has a couple of special features that make it truly unique, such as a black perforated leather in the interior. The latter looks cool and feels great, not to mention that for a coverage, it is very rare. You can see from the pics that Woodgrain interior of this SC is wrapped in 3M brushed steel vinyl. Everything looks very clean and free from unnecessary stuff. Also, the interior is complemented with a perfect shape of each detail.

As to the exterior, the car looks very sleek. The black glossy finish only adds to the feeling that you’re not simply driving on the highway but literally cutting through the air.

Extended ARP wheel studs in the front

The owner had improved the appearance of the body for it to match his taste. Thus, he had the front bumper resprayed and had the side markers deleted. You can see that all license plate/emblem holes are filled. Also, the fenders are almost invisible; they are rolled flat with a barely noticeable pull in the rear.

Lexus SC300 on Weds Kranze Borphes wheels

The parts that we’ve especially loved about this SC300 are its great looking offset and stunning mesh wheels. As the photos show, the automobile is equipped with Weds Kranze Borphes, custom finished 3 piece wheels, and the brand new tires.

Another remarkable feature of this Lexus is its steadfast gaze ensured by custom clear headlight lenses with black housings, 5000k HID low beams, and black projector hi-beams. And, by the way, most of the interior and exterior lights in this auto are LED.

The Lexus 2000 SC300 is an ideal automobile for an everyday drive, and it could also make a fine weekend car. In any case, this is an extremely clean-cut vehicle and it looks damn sexy.