Last week, we were in Las Vegas, a city with fantastic car tuning & styling scene. There lives the guy named Nick, who had worked on numerous car models, mostly from Japan since his teens. This time, he’s all over a legendary Mazda RX-7 model from FD series. Recognizable sleek lines in a combination of Daytona Blue Candy finish left an amazing impression on us.

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Daytona Blue Candy finish RX-7
This guy is a real car enthusiast. He started with modifications way back in high school. The first vehicle he worked on was a Toyota 4Runner, which wasn’t actually such good car for tuning. He started with some basic modifications like rims, exhaust system, neon lights and similar things. Even with a tight high-school budget, he managed to do such amazing things like the full body kit, Sparco seats, vinyl upholstery, etc.

Work Gnosis HS203 wheels 19×9.5+9 19×11
The next in the line was Nissan 240SX. This marvelous sports car is one of the most popular tuning cars around. Still, Nick managed to make it pretty distinguishable. He put a lot of effort on this car, so it’s not wondering that this Nissan was featured in Import Tuner and Hella Flush. He also promoted his paint shop with this amazing car. It was time to go for something new.

We are finally getting to this fantastic RX-7. Nick traded it for his Honda Civic and Toyota AE86 Corolla. At the time he was getting it, it was in a really bad condition. Oil leaks, missing parts, and rust are just some of the issues. So, there was much work to do. It took a lot of effort, but the results are so impressive that we can say that this is without a doubt one of the best FDs we’ve ever seen.

Modifications were numerous. Of course, some of the most important things were new wheels. The choice was on Work Gnosis HS203, 19×9.5 at the front and 19×11 on the rear axle. Along with new wheels, he got stance coilovers. Also, there is a completely new Full Burnout replica body kit, which fits perfectly for this occasion. On the inside, there are things like Nardi deep dish wheel and Sparco Speed seats, as well as gadgets like Pioneer in-dash DVD, Pioneer speakers etc. Of course, these are just some of the modifications. The whole list is actually very long.