You would probably be thinking something like “what is this, are we back in the mid-70s or what?” But to tell you the truth, the Volvo 240 is just like a brick that will take plenty of toll from rash driving. It will rust and scratch, but you can carry on with it as much as you can. This brick-like car still has plenty of juice in it when it comes to durability. You are not going to break world speed records with it, but you can carry on driving for the rest of your life in this golden oldie.

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The best thing about golden oldies is that they look pretty cool all stanced up, and Volvo 240 is not different either. There is nothing new if we talk about the interiors, but the vehicle seems incredibly sexy when it is stanced up. Did you ever imagine a stanced brick? Well, when you’ll see the stanced Volvo 240, you’ll begin to understand that the possibilities are endless. Everything about this vehicle is new when it comes to looks.

You will get plenty of jaw-dropping gazes when you hit the road with this robust beauty. It is not the kind of a car that has been driven on soft and smooth roads. Instead, it has been all banged up by its previous owner. Most of the time, the car was used for plenty of family work. It has a German plate in front, but that doesn’t mean that the auto is on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

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A number plate is mandatory on the back, and as long as you respect the code of ethics, you can afford to have anything written on the front plate. Once you sit in this slammed car, you’ll feel as if you’re sitting in a lowrider. Volvo wagons are not small vehicles so if you give them a stance makeover, they start looking very stylish. A decent set of dancing shoes also adds to the looks of your prancing stanced wagon. Volvos are very reliable cars, which is an extra bonus. Therefore, if you can get yours slammed, then you won’t regret the road experience that it will give to you for many years to come. If you’re looking to sell your 240 standing somewhere in your backyard, there is no need to do so because you can give it a bit of attitude adjustment.