The car is lowered to almost 1.4 inches above the ground in the front lip area. This hallmark was achieved with the help of short Nismo springs and reinforced by the coilovers that were installed later.

Front lip is the lowest part of the car. To show you the difference, we must admit that the factory clearance is almost 5 inches.

Nissan 350Z Parts & Accessories

The slipping wheels with the 4.5° negative camber angle in the front and 5.5° in the rear make the car look wider than it actually is. Indeed, this Z meets all the major canons of the stance style.

In fact, the mere shape of the automobile and a glossy black finish create an illusion that Z has spread out over the road. At the same time, the vertical xenon headlights intensify this impression making the car look even more aggressive.

Apart from that, Nissan 350Z rocks on the 19-inch Enkei ABC Exclusive wheels with the 225/35 10j front and 245/35 11j rear tires.

Overall, the meat and potatoes of this awesome design are its neat headlights, front bumper, and the hood. A few extra prominent parts are the mud flaps from Infiniti G35 coupe and INGS front bumper lip spoiler.

Such renovation costs a lot of money, time, and effort, but every tuning enthusiast will say that all the investments are totally worth it.

The lowering of this Nissan has reached a critical point, which has brought a few drawbacks. The driver must be having a lot of trouble with the speed bumps. From time to time, such Z will rub the road with its bottom. But if you had this classy black whale, you would probably put up with it too.