The Subaru Forester is an exceptional second generation of a diverse line of automobiles and SUVs manufactured by Subaru. Based in Japan, this automobile maker has been active for around 64 years and has since established a name and a high repertoire among Japanese corporate car manufacturers.

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The Subaru Forester was invented somewhere between 2002 and 2008, and although it may not compare well with electronic counterparts, Forester has certainly made an influence in the vehicle industry.

Features you’ll find in the customized SG9:

The modified Subaru Forester SG9 is a premium quality and highly professional compact crossover SUV that has integrated thousands of unique features. Notably, the one visible in the video has the following features:

  • STI integrated rear and front lips that give the vehicle an overall chic and modern look.
  • Valve caps or dust caps designed in the shape of a die, so every part of the vehicle radiates with modernism and intricacy.
  • Lug nuts forged from Blox Neo Chrome for more steadfast and secure assemblage of the wheel.
  • Customizable true blue Varrrsteon ES222 wheels View on Amazon for summer and classic silver Subaru ENKEI R17 for winter that ensure better performance and high-speed torques in any weather
  • A highly professional and sleek hood scoop that is both minimalistic and fashionable.
  • Simplistically augmented tail lights integrated with high power lights.
  • Brembo Gold brake shoes that clasp easily onto the braking discs and provide excellent friction and braking distance.
  • An STI integrated GDB Top Mount Intercooling system that boosts the SUV’s turbo systems.
  • Features custom 4×3 inch head lights powered by Bi-Xenon that will ensure that the driver always has a clear vision of the road ahead, even in the darkest nights.
  • Teal/blue JDM gear shift engraved with crystal clear bubbles to give it that hot and elegant look.

All in all, the customized Subaru Forester SG9 is a highly modified compact crossover SUV that will ensure the much higher performance of the car during any journey.