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Nissan Brand

Nissan is a company that makes cars for more than a century. Still, many agree that its golden era was during 70’s and 80’s. In those years, we have seen numerous amazing models under this badge. One of the last models that belong to this golden era is 300ZX. It originally came in 1983, but people usually refer to the second version, which came in 1989 and was in production until 1999. Later, Japanese manufacturer came into alliance with Renault and changed its philosophy significantly.

Nissan 300ZX: About the Model

The second generation of Nissan 300ZX entered the market almost 30 years ago. Even after all those years, it attracts a lot of attention on the street. Thanks to its evergreen styling, it is highly popular even nowadays. Not to mention, it still keeps pretty high price considering its age. The core of this amazing car is a 3.0-liter V6 engine, which came in two variants. Basic models are equipped with a naturally-aspirated version of this engine with max power of 222 horses and 198 pound-feet of torque. Still, for a Nissan 300ZX stance, a turbocharged version would be a real deal. This model has a max power of 300 horses and 283 pound-feet of torque.

Can I have Nissan 300ZX stanced?

With such amazing basis, it is clear that this model would make a perfect stanced Nissan 300ZX. To accentuate the car’s amazing performances, you can lower it with no worries. Go for some bigger wheels and install a completely new suspension. In stock version, this car wears rims with a diameter of 16 inches. Still, you can easily try something bigger. 18-inch wheels would be a great choice, but even 19 inches shouldn’t be a problem. When it comes to width, consider that even OEM wheels were good for 9 inches. Therefore, 10 or 11 inches would be a good fit. Additionally, try to install hi-quality suspension parts from some reputable manufacturers to get your Nissan 300ZX stance look formidable.

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