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Nissan Brand

There aren’t many things to say about this company that you don’t know. The famous Japanese carmaker is known for excellent quality of all its automobiles, but sports cars are something for what brand is loved. Many amazing street racers came out of this factory, and the famous Z series holds a special place. Its fifth generation is known as 350Z, an amazing car that has been in production for about seven years, between 2002 and 2009.

Nissan 350Z: About the Model

Nissan 350Z originally came in 2002. During those seven years of production, it became a highly praised street racer, known for its excellent driving characteristics. This car has everything you expect from a sports car. It looks great, has a powerful engine and a suspension that provide excellent performances, handling, and braking. With such amazing driving dynamics, it’s no wonder that you can find many stanced Nissan 350Z models around. Besides, this model picked lots of awards and gained recognition from the world’s most renowned car magazines. It comes in coupe and roadster variants; both versions look equally good.

This model comes with an excellent 3.5-liter V6 engine, which was offered in several output variants depending on the market, version, etc. All in all, you can count on 290 horses at least. Along with the excellent suspension, this is a great basis for further modifications.

Can I have Nissan 350Z stanced?

Speaking of the stance, the basic model comes with 18-inch radius and 8 inches width. However, there is plenty of space for something bigger, like 19 or even 20 inches of the radius. When it comes to width, go for 11 inches, it would be perfect. Suspension parts are also very easy to find. There are various kinds of product on the market, but we’d recommend you to choose from some highly reputable brands when working on a Nissan 350Z stance.

Staggered Nissan 350Z

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