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Acura Brand

Known as Honda’s luxury division, Acura is actually the first Japanese luxury brand to hit the market way back in 1986. For all those years, this brand was known for amazing models, especially when it comes to sports cars. We would just mention NSX, which is definitely one of the most iconic sports cars of all time. It is the first car ever to feature an all-aluminum body. There were few other interesting sports cars in production, and one of them is Acura RSX.

Acura RSX: About the Model

Acura RSX is a small sports car which was produced between 2001 and 2006. Despite the short production, it became famous around the world thanks to its attractive, quick acceleration, excellent handling, and driving dynamics. During these five years of production, there were three versions in the offer. The base model featured a 2.0-liter engine with around 160 horses. On the other side, RSX Type S came with the same engine but tuned up to 200 horsepower. Besides more power, this version was characterized by more standard equipment, performance suspension, and few visual improvements. So, this version would probably be the best choice for Acura RSX stance. Finally, a Type R trim with 220 horses was available on some markets, but this version isn’t so easy to find.

Is Acura RSX a Good Stance Car?

Just like most of the Japanese sports cars, this one is also perfect for further modifications. Stanced Acura RSX would require those common modifications. If you can find a Type R version which comes with excellent suspension, some lowering springs would be enough. In another case, go for some quality suspension kits. When it comes to wheels, OEM rims have 16-18 inches in diameter and 7-7.5 inches in width. However, there is plenty of space, so you can easily go for some 20-inch wheels with 9 inches of width. To have as attractive as possible Acura RSX stanced, adding a new body kit among other details would be amazing.

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