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Acura Brand

The Japanese oldest luxury car brand has been around for about 33 years. During all these years, we have seen numerous amazing car models. In addition to Honda’s unbeatable quality, models from this brand feature amazing refinement, plenty of luxury, and great performances. In these days, Acura covers pretty much all segments of luxury cars, including sedans, crossovers, supercars, etc.

Acura TL: About the Model

Before it was replaced with TLX, due to new naming policy, TL was one of the brand’s most popular models. Based on the iconic Accord, this luxury sedan features amazing design characteristics. Besides Accord’s unbeatable quality, it comes with plenty of refinement, powerful engines, a full load of standard equipment, etc. The model was produced between 1995 and 2014. For these almost two decades, we have seen four generations of this amazing sedan. Still, the second and the third generations are somehow the most popular when it comes to tuning&styling. However, other versions are amazing as well. Besides excellent design, these models were always characterized by excellent six-cylinder engines. One of the most recognizable is a 3.5-liter V6 with over 280 horses, which is still used in numerous models from Honda and Acura. Still, other engines are an equally good choice to have Acura TL stanced.

Can Acura TL Be Stanced?

Stanced Acura TL would be an amazing project for sure. Any version you choose would be great. Still, our highest recommendation will go to the second- and third-generation models. These cars simply look amazing. In addition, you get the best performances and an impressive level of luxury. A good suspension kit will bring this sedan even closer to the ground, while a set of custom wheels would improve visual appeal for sure. OEM wheels usually go between 17 and 19 inches, but you can add few more for sure. Same goes with width, which is in base variant around 8.5-9 inches but 10 would not be a problem at all for the Acura TL stance.

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