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Audi Brand

Audi is one of the oldest carmakers originated in Germany. For almost 110 years, this brand with its recognizable four-ring logo is a synonym for a hi-quality car. Today, this manufacturer is a part of Volkswagen Group, the world’s largest car company. It offers numerous premium cars of different types and sizes. One of the most popular models is Audi A5.

Audi A5: About the Model

Audi A5 is a mid-size luxury car. It originally came in 2007, and it is available in several versions. Speaking of the body style, there are three variants. The most common is a so-called Sportback body style, which is practically a four-door fastback. Also, there are a coupe and convertible versions. Each one looks pretty attractive, especially those of the new generation, which came two years ago. Whichever body style you choose, this auto would look great. The engine lineup seems pretty wide. There are numerous familiar diesel and gasoline choices from the VW Group. Since this is a sports car, best deals are those versions with V6 and V8 gasoline engines, from S5 and RS5 models. Still, a 3.0-liter TDI with over 280 horsepower also rides pretty amazingly.

Can you have Audi A5 stanced?

This is a sports car, no wonder that the stock version is already very close to the ground. However, Audi A5 Stance brings this attractive visual appeal to the completely new level. Lowering this car shouldn’t be too difficult. Count on all those common suspension parts that are needed. Considering that this is a premium car, it would probably cost you more than usual. You don’t want to install some cheap parts in such expensive car. As to the wheels, this model in basic variant already comes with a 17-inch diameter. You can go for 20 or 21 inches without problems. On the other side, an ideal width range for stanced Audi A5 is pretty wide too. Go for 10.5 or even 11 inches, it would be great.

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