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Audi: About The Car Brand

This manufacturer has been producing the world’s best & newest luxury cars for a long time. Believe it or not, Audi has been around since 1885. Interesting fact: Audi had added a fourth ring with the acquisition of an automobile manufacturer called “The Wanderer” that became a part of Audi-AG Company a bit later.

Audi cars have always been innovative and awesome ever since they hit the market. The company has firmly proved themselves to be the top brand, and it aspires to the superiority years after years. With the new cars, technologies, and products hitting the industry on a yearly basis, we cannot wait for the next century of the history of Audi.

Audi S5: About The Car Model

The 2014 Audi-S5 coupe is an example of wonderful German engineering. This quad-ring always has struck a chord with us. Indeed, its design makes a great impression on the people in the crowd.

While S5 is made with 4 seats, the room in the back is simply reduction insurance for supercharged coupe. Rear seating provides nothing more than space for a youngster or a car seat less than four feet tall. Having 333-horse under the hood, supercharged 6-cylinder provides more than sufficient power for almost any driver. Along with the capability to slap 6-speed manual in a chug and higher gear along with no problems, it creates a simple commute around the town.

Driving a quality 19″ wheels make the experience additionally comfortable. The suspension provides sufficient damping even over the nastiest frost heaves of Michigan.

Can You Have Audi S5 Stanced?

With its excellent range of features, you can easily ensure a stunning ride and achieve an awesome look. There are many top-of-the-line improvements available for this automobile that will make you say WOW! Audi S5 stance is a very good investment. If you have decided to make the stanced Audi S5, then rest assured as you’re going to make the right decision!

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