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Volkswagen Brand

Volkswagen has set a name in the perpetually growing automobile industry, and it will hopefully be a long time before we see them leave the public eye. Volkswagen is a German-based car manufacturer that has some of the most historic designs and models. Many people love their Volkswagen Beetle.

Volkswagen Beetle: About the Model

We’re all pretty familiar with the traditional style Beetle, which is perhaps one of their most iconic creations. Volkswagen has quite the name when it comes to manufacturing cars that are entirely different and singular from conventional sedans and hatchbacks. They have a unique design for each car. The Beetle or “Type 1” is just one example. The Type 2 (or Kombi, Microbus, “Hippie Van”) also caught public attention when it became one of the soberest and unique looking vans on the market.

Can I have Volkswagen Beetle stanced?

Only in recent years, the classic Volkswagen Beetle has received modern upgrades. But of course, with fanatics and enthusiasts collecting and upgrading 1970’s Impalas and Chevrolets, the surprise is minimal. A Volkswagen Beetle stance upgrade will definitely boost its performance.

For cars that are relatively old and in bad conditions, it is best to avoid stancing as who knows what this behemoth of an upgrade may do the old-fashioned architecture of the Beetle. Newer models will be easier to upgrade. The suspension system and the chassis will be relatively easier to remove, and can be replaced by any modern suspension such as Air Lift. Overall, the base can be lowered enough to almost touch the ground, but this is a tricky job and is best done by professionals at your local performance shop. On the last thought, the stanced Volkswagen Beetle is certainly not outdated, and it works like a charm when attracting viewers.

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