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About the Brand: BMW

This is one of those brands that didn’t start from cars. In fact, they used to produce the propellers for airplanes. This niche was necessary because, during the World War I, the military forces of Germany needed that parts. There was a period in the BMW operation when they have almost declared bankruptcy, and around the 1960s, Mercedes almost took over. However, the company was lucky enough to find a private investor, and the things worked out pretty well.

Currently, BMW is doing good. It is one of the most renowned brands in the entire industry. They try to keep up with the demands of the market, and for more than 40 years now, the brand has been making electric cars.

About the Model: BMW 2002

I will not be wrong saying that BMW 2002 is the most iconic model ever made by this company. This is an ideal car for everyday commuting, and this is an instant classic with a moderate TLC amount. When the car was released, the fans would call it the most desirable automobile among the so-called “common” vehicles; in fact, it remains such even now.

The auto is really good for its class. It has a very cool style both inside and outside, but since this is the 35-40 years old vehicle, the rust can be a problem.

Can I have BMW 2002 Stanced?

This is pretty old model, so if you’re looking to buy this auto for a stance, remember that in this case, a good condition of the body should be a lot more important that the drive-train or engine condition. As you understood, BMW 2002 stance will present you with a tonne of areas to improve, and you definitely won’t get by with a wheel replacement and change of finish. Be prepared to modify a lot. Therefore, this automobile is appropriate for stance. The stanced BMW 2002 will require many efforts, but the ultimate result will look totally awesome.

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