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Subaru Brand

Subaru may be a name that you haven’t heard much of, but that doesn’t mean that the brand is doomed to stay invisible. The fact is, Subaru Industries has invented, manufactured, patented, and distributed over 600 different motor vehicles throughout the world, and they work in parallel to Honda and Toyota. Subaru is a Japan-based automobile manufacturing company which has given the world models such as the Subaru Forester and the Subaru BRZ. Their establishment in 1953 has led to them becoming the 22nd largest auto manufacturer in 2012.

Subaru BRZ: About the Model

The Subaru BRZ is just one of their most extravagant designs. The beast was developed and conceptualized by Subaru in conjunction with Toyota and it was manufactured within the main facilities of Subaru. The BRZ has also come to be known and mainly marketed as Toyota 86. This version is a coupe, which is usually shorter than a sedan and can house two adult passengers. The BRZ has a boxer engine of four powerful cylinders and a solid aluminum chassis that will make any car lover swoon. The wheels are best when kept between 16 and 17 inches, and Yokohama tires are pre-equipped on the original. Having your Subaru BRZ lowered will be a blast.

Can I have Subaru BRZ Stanced?

Stancing the BRZ will be a very easy task. The car already has a pretty low base so lowering the suspension won’t be risky. As opposed to older models, the BRZ or Toyota 86 is actually very appropriate pick when it comes to stancing. However, the offset and camber of the wheels should be carefully adjusted, and too much of either can be a gamble. All in all, a stanced Subaru BRZ shouldn’t bring any problems. Go ahead and welcome your BRZ with a warm hug and a new look. You can see the examples of Subaru BRZ stance on our website.

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