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Dodge Brand

The Dodge Challenger may be a title that is not very popular compared to other carmakers, but this machine is one of the most exceptional motor cars in the world. The Dodge was conceptualized and produced in 1958 and has since gained worldwide recognition. Dodge Industries and Fiat, in particular, is the eight largest automotive manufacturer. It has maintained its name in the world since its establishment in 1925.

Dodge Challenger: About the Model

This model is manufactured by Dodge Automobile Industries, a derivative of Fiat Motor Company that is mainly based in America. Dodge Challenger is a coupe sedan with two doors and a maximum capacity of housing two adult passengers. The Challenger has seen changes in its body and performance over time, but it still retains the signature deep set headlights and the bulky hood. Lowering the Dodge Challenger is perhaps the only thing that can uplift the look and integrity of this model.

Can I have Dodge Challenger stanced?

The stanced Dodge Challenger is a neat little augmentation to your collection, and it will definitely be the right choice. Stancing the Challenger will be a relatively easy task. The wheels have a natural negative offset and camber, and will require little to no adjustment to make the stance customization happen. The upgrade will certainly affect the suspension and 3-4 speed manual transmission. Other than that, the Challenger is awesome by default; it doesn’t even need stancing as the performance is pitch perfect and up to the mark.

The Dodge Challenger proves well on the city roads and racetrack. Famous racers such as Sam Posey and Swede Savage are known to have driven variants of the Dodge Challenger in racing tournaments. For them, getting their Dodge Challenger stance was one hell of an experience. So what’s stopping you?

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